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With so many options for automotive services and repairs available - how does a consumer choose which to take their beloved vehicle?

Most communities have an almost overwhelming number of choices for automotive service and repairs. From the general automotive shop that does all services and repairs to the specialty tire, brake or glass shops, automotive shops are everywhere. So how does a customer choose which shop to take their car, truck or SUV to?

The one that they see and recognize all the time. The one that has built "top of mind awareness" over time. The one with a bright and memorable LED digital sign.

Auto service and repair businesses have to earn the trust of consumers to bring in one of their most treasured items... their "baby"... their vehicle. An LED digital sign can do that every day with messages of greetings to their passing public.

In addition - an LED sign for the Automotive Market can be used for:

  • Remind people about the importance of regular maintenance
  • Announce product or service specials
  • Tell them to visit your social media sites for additional savings
  • Cut through the clutter of the many other businesses by being seen each and every day with your bright and memorable LED digital sign


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