The ultimate communicate tool for students, faculty, and parents alike.

Each school, whether it's a university or elementary school, has many people they need to communicate with on a daily basis. Make it easy with an LED digital message sign.

Every school has critical information they must communicate to their students, parents and faculty and staff on a daily basis. With multiple grades and multiple teachers for each grade - there are many events and activities that take place on campus each day. How does a school make these messages memorable for everyone?

How can a school use an LED digital message sign?

  • Announce special school events - dances, plays, assemblies
  • Announce sporting events
  • Congratulate student achievements
  • Alert parents about upcoming events or deadlines
  • Promote school fundraisers
  • Continually greet your students and faculty
  • Thank your faculty for their hard work
  • Announce student and faculty birthdays


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