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GURU Digital Media Approved LED Gas Price Unit Vendor for Shell Oil

Torrance, CA - July 29, 2014

Powerful, Impressive, Easy to Use! As approved vendors GuruDM now offers top of the line LED Gas Price Units to Shell Gas Stations throughout the US and Canada. Guaranteed worry free and built to last, these products utilize the latest fuel technology systems available. Eight levels of auto brightness with dual backup power supplies and controllers plus wireless communication technology.

According to Tom Boren, CEO of Guru Digital Media, "GuruDM's Electronic Gas Price Changers are as near bullet proof as they can possibly be!"

Ahmad Alkhawam, owner of Ahmad Shell in Dallas, TX, said this about his Guru Digital Media Gas Price Changer signs, "Mr. Boren has the best product I've ever seen, and that's honestly speaking! Mr. Boren's product is very simple." Ahmad went on to say "The brightness of the prices is so beautiful on Mr. Boren's product. We're happy with it. I recommend it to everybody. It's a very good product."

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About Guru Digital Media

GuruDM is a universal leader in LED Gas Price and Sign Units. In its 55+ years they have helped over half a million customers with better signage. Today GuruDM's top priority is focused on providing innovative solutions to the Petroleum Industry. GuruDM is proud to be an ESOP Company owned and operated by its employees.

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Jacquelin Rubio - Project Manager
Phone: (855) 722-4878

Jasmine Lam - Division Manager
Phone: (310) 626-9506


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