Digital Billboards

Digital billboards are changing the billboard industry drastically - and all in a positive way

Digital billboards now allow billboard owners and management companies to have multiple advertisers on a billboard at a time. More advertising revenue.

You don't need to print large format graphics and have crews take down the old graphics and install the new graphics. A huge cost savings.

All you need to do is change images in our intuitive software and send the messages to the sign... and you're done! It couldn't be more simple.

Digital Billboards

Brightest and Most Reliable Billboard on the Market

Superior digital billboard displays are needed now, more than ever, with the increasing demand for billboard conversion to digital. That's why we have developed our digital billboard products to the highest standards in the industry, with unparalleled service and support to back them.

Other aspects of the Guru DM billboards include:

  • A large variety of sizes to accommodate your installation and placement needs.
  • Pixel pitches as small as 10mm to as large as 34mm
  • Quick and easy module replacement
  • Brighter displays with 140 degree viewing angles
The return on investment for digital billboards is undeniable as advertisers are seeing the cost benefits of these incredibly attractive and eye-catching displays.

Digital Billboards
Digital Billboards
Digital Billboards
Digital Billboards


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