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When we hear from our customers and learn that our products have made a real impact on their business, we need to let others know about the value of our signs.

Palos Verdes Performing Arts - Norris Theatre

Gulf Development/Guru

We at the Palos Verdes Performing Arts would like to thank Tom Johnson and the rest of his team for helping to establish our new name and update the front of our theatre. For over 30 years we had a back lit marquee with black letter that would advertise up to three performances at a time. Now we own a 20' long, LED Electronic Messaging Center that can show an endless number of upcoming performances, as well as pictures.

In the month we have had the new EMC sign, a number of people have stopped out front to watch all the information displayed, and take pictures under their event. A few have even said they wish the stop light would be red longer so they could see what the next picture and information would be!

Not only did we get a new EMC sign, we also bought new channel letter for the top of the building, as well as a can sign with the new logo of the company. Tom was easy to work with and always willing to help us with timing and price. Whatever we needed, weather it be five trips to the warehouse to get the project approved by all the board member, or a number of phone calls and emails a day, Gulf Development was always friendly and quick to respond.

Thank you again for all your work and dedication to our company!


Stacy Hennon Stone
Assistant Technical Director

Palos Verdes Performing Arts - Norris Theatre

Virtual Board Advertising

My company, VBA, Virtual Board Advertising, out of Oklahoma City, OK, purchased a large GURU DM Digital Billboard to sell advertising to local businesses who wanted to generate more customers and revenue.

We installed our sign and announced "ADVERTISE HERE" on it. We started getting demand for advertising on our digital billboard that very same day it was installed! We generate over $10,000 in advertising revenue from the sign and the demand to advertise on it is constant.

Our advertisers are extremely satisfied! This advertising method has opened their eyes to the power of digital billboards.

Keith Ives
VBA, Virtual Board Advertising

Virtual Board Advertising

TMR Services & Supply

The sign has brought us a lot of business since its been constructed. It's increased our oil changes by 50% and increased our tire changes and tire repair. Our merchandise sales have gone up considerably since we've put the large LED display up.

It's put us on the map in the oilfield construction business. Just ONE oilfield job paid for our new signs.

Brook Pranger
TMC Services & Supply

End Zone Haircuts

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to let you know that the new LED window sign I purchased for my barber shop is working GREAT!

The survey I conducted to my new customers was a real eye-opener! Seventeen (17) out of thirty new clients came in and got a haircut as a direct result of seeing the sign. The large graphics and super bright LEDs catch their attention from the street.

After seven years in business at the same location I keep hearing, "I never knew you were here!"

It has been hands down the best form of advertising I have EVER done for my business. I have a 56% increase in walk-in traffic because of this LED sign. THANK YOU!


Heidi Eckstein
End Zone Haircuts
Jacksonville, FL


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