Why Guru DM

Innovative Software

One of the advantages of LED displays is you can change your messages as often as you change your mind.

  • Have a new product or service you want people to know about? Put it on your LED display!
  • Have a huge sale you want to promote? Put it on your LED display!
  • Want to celebrate a special customer or community activity? Put it on your LED display!

But what if you CAN'T put it on your display? What if the software to program your sign so is so complex that it is more of a hassle to change your messages than not. Then your sign is worthless!

We understand these frustrations - so we created a sign programming software that is not only incredibly powerful - but it's also easy to learn and use.

You can create messages in minutes.

Program many messages in advance and play them when you want with the calendar program feature. There are many tutorial videos and technical support to help you whenever (and if) you need it!

Guru DM Sign
Guru DM Sign
Guru DM Sign
Guru DM Sign
Guru DM Sign


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